Tree Audio presents our latest generation Roots console: The Roots Generation II

8-channel, tube/hybrid recording console:

All tube and transformer mic pre / line input / DI / EQ and limiter

4 - aux sends / 4 - 500 series slots / Full featured master section

Balanced inserts on all channels and stereo buss

Fully regulated tube linear power supply

Available in 16 channels with user configurable options

(Still updating the website. For more info, please contact Ian at with questions.)


The Roots console: inspired by the past with the best of today's technology

An 8-channel, tube/hybrid, full-featured, recording console, hand-built in the USA.


4 500 series slots
Mic pre/line input/direct input (instrument in)
EQ and limiter on each channel
Vacuum tube and linear Regulated power supply.