Tree Audio Sound Samples

1) Check out this rocking tune recorded with a Tree Audio Roots console at Retro 56 Studio -

2) Layman Drug Company in Nashville, recording Patrick Droney through their Tree Audio 16 channel original Roots console and ribbon mics, captured on an iPhone. Sounds Great!

3) Kim Lenz sounds amazing! All vocals for her upcoming album were recorded on her original Tree Audio 8-channel Roots recording console.

4) Tree Audio Slideshow accompanied by Psychic Temple's music, recorded entirely on a Tree Audio Roots console: "Music for Bus Stops" from the album "Psychic Temple Plays Music For Airports." Recorded live at All Welcome Records in Inglewood, CA. No overdubs. No edits. 11 piece ensemble.

5) Take a listen to this great sounding music recorded on one of the Tree Audio Roots recording consoles.
Danny T. Levin - trumpet
David Moyer - tenor saxophone
JP Maramba - bass
Blake Straus - guitar
Michael Villiers - drums

6) Mixed on the first Tree Audio Roots 16 channel console by Engineer/Producer Greg Wurth: Tracii Gun's and the League of Gentlemen "Everything Everything"

7) Check out this sexy song recorded on one of our Tree Audio Roots consoles. Thanks, Sergio Aguilar, for sharing this beautiful song called "Black Coffee," by Gina Osorno & The Dreamers. A funky jazz version of Burke and Websters Black Coffee Vocals: Gina Osorno
Guitar: Alberto Palomo
Double Bass : Hugo Aguilar
Drums: Mizael Manrique
Recorded : Emotion Studio México, DF.…/black-coffee-cover-by-gina-osorno-…


Branch sample: The Lumineers' "Ophelia" -
Tree Audio's Branch single channel strip used on every song on The Lumineers new album. Ryan Hewitt, Engineer/Mixer/Producer, who worked on the album said "the sound is plainly audible in the mix. Barely used any processing in the mix!"


Branch sample: Simpkin Project's "Born Out of Freedom"